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Explore the cities VIRTUALLY

wanna explore the real world in a virtual way...this is one of the exciting way of exploring these cities(besides the google and yahoo map)
clipped from www.everyscape.com

Today, our world includes Aspen, Boston, Miami and New York, with more cities being scaped everyday.
More interior scapes of restaurants, stores, businesses and other attractions are coming soon so check back often.
With EveryScape, experiences will be created and shared.
Just like the real world.

Explore the breadth of Boston and New York by going down famous streets and avenues. Experience the depth of Aspen and Miami by visiting the inside of thousands of establishments and attractions. Tell us what you like, what you don’t like, what you want. Help us create the real world, online.
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Teenage Bill Gates

this pic is taken from makeuseof.com
lets have a look at Bill gate with is microsoft(computer)
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