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Top Health 2.0 Web Apps

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Top Health 2.0 Web Apps

Health 2.0, web-based apps and services for the healthcare sector, is a nascent but potentially huge market for web 2.0. As of now, many of these apps have an emphasis on communication, information sharing and community. These are relatively easy things to address using Web tools. However we're starting to see health 2.0 apps try to tackle the enormous inefficiencies in the healthcare system - check out our description of Carol.com below. Also, in the longer term, we will see the Web being used in medical diagnosis and practice.

Patients Like Me
Organized Wisdom
American Well
Daily Strength
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Revolutionizing Online storage and backup

clipped from www.adrive.com
Revolutionizing Online
Storage and Backup.
A quick, easy, and secure solution to
backup your valuable files.

Create a free account.

Store up to 50GB for free.

Login from anywhere to access
your stored files.

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50GB online storage which u can use free of cost.
Can u find me any other site which can offer storage more than this?
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Five Sites to Find Part-time Jobs

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taken from wepupon.com
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Five Sites to Help Teens Find Part-time Jobs

A list of five sites that can give teens tips, resources and listings to help them find the part-time job they've been looking for!

Teens 4 hire
Snag a job
Fun Advice
The Riley Guide
My summers
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"Brain Reading" Device Can Predict What People See

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"Brain Reading" Device Can Predict What People See

A new computer program can match brain activity with visual images and even predict what people are seeing, a study has shown.

The work raises the possibility that one day computers could "read" a person's brain to digitally re-create memories, dreams, or imaginings.

Human brain picture

The researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to measure activity in the visual cortices of participants' brains as they looked at photographs of animals, food, people, and other common objects.
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Nepal's controversial "living goddess" retires

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clipped from news.yahoo.com

Nepal's controversial "living goddess" retires
Sajani Shakya, 11, the controversial young Nepali girl worshipped by many Buddhists and Hindus as a

KATHMANDU (Reuters) -
A controversial young Nepali girl
worshipped by many Buddhists and Hindus as a Kumari, or "living
goddess", has given up her divine position following a request
from her family, an official said on Sunday.

The 11-year-old Sajani Shakya was revered for nine years as
the Kumari of the ancient temple-town of Bhaktapur, near
Kathmandu, in a centuries-old tradition.
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Students Punished After Paying for Lunch with 6,000 Pennies

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Students Punished After Paying for Lunch with 6,000 Pennies

29 eighth-graders at Readington Middle School in New Jersey are facing detention after protesting their short lunch period by paying for their lunches with nearly 6,000 pennies last week.
"At first it started out as a joke, then everyone else started saying we're protesting against like how short our lunch is," student Alyssa Concannon said. Eighth grader Jenny Hunt said in hindsight, the prank may have been a bad idea. "Maybe we should have thought before we did it," she said.

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