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Transition-Flying Car

The Transition®

Every pilot faces uncertain weather, rising costs, and ground transportation hassles on each end of the flight. The Transition® combines the unique convenience of being able to fold its wings with the ability to drive on any surface road in a modern personal airplane platform. Stowing the wings for road use and deploying them for flight at the airport is activated from inside the cockpit. This unique functionality addresses head-on the issues faced by today’s Private and Sport Pilots.


Green Card through Work Sponsorship

This is a nice website with dozens of articles on various types of
immigration process and green cards.
I have included the steps of an article "Getting a Green Card through Work Sponsorship".
Please check out the youtube video-on of the most informative video.

PERM Labor Certification

Step 1 – Preparing the PERM Labor Certification Application and Registering the Employer
Step 2 – Advertising the Job Opportunity
Step 3 – Interviewing
Step 4 – Interviewing
Step 5 – Preparing and Filing the I-140 Immigrant Visa Petition
Step 6 – Processing the “Green Card”
Step 6a – Processing and I-485 for Permanent Residence (“Green Card”) in the United States
Step 6b – Processing for Permanent Residence (“Green Card”) at an Embassy or Consulate
Labor certification is a process whereby a U.S. employer “sponsors” an immigrant for permanent US immigration, (i.e., a “green card”). Technically, a “labor certification” is a decision made by the U.S. Department of Labor (“USDOL”)
An approved labor certification is the first and usually most difficult step in applying for permanent United States immigration (a “Green Card”) through employer sponsorship.
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Hindi music app-One of the best one

So far this is one of the best hindi music iphone app and is free.
clipped from desimusicapp.com
Desi Music iPhone/iPod Touch App
Unlimited feature packed Indian music app featuring Hindi, Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam music selections along with lyrics. Desi Music iPhone app features Indian, Bollywood music featuring language selection in New Releases, Top 10 songs, Live Radios and Devotional albums. Songs ratings are at your fingertips - you can view song ratings and submit ratings on the fly from the app.
Most popular Top 10 songs are now at your fingertips - play them anytime, anywhere.
Latest Songs in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam.
Browse through numerous categories including compilations, pop, remix, ghazals, love songs, oldies, karaoke, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Carnatic, Bhangra.
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