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ccs step by step-3

USMLE-STEP-3(CCS case management guideline)-This post has been copied from "usmleforum".Thanks to "original writer".

Select ‘Start Case’ button to begin.

You will see the case introduction. Wait! Note on the erasable board:

Age of the patient
Race of the Patient
Sex of the patient

Then click ‘OK’ and you will see the initial vital signs. Wait! Note on the erasable board:

Stable or unstable?

Then click ‘OK’ and you will see the initial history. Wait! Think and write on the erasable board:

Differential Diagnosis :
Habits – smoking , alcohol , drugs , etc. Anything worrisome?

Then ask:

Is the patient stable or is it an emergency? A clue to this would be in the history - for emergency cases, you will see only the basic history of present illness and not the detailed history (social, past, etc). All other history will be ‘unobtainable’.

If unstable, do a EMERGENT physical exam. No emergency case should get a full physical exam - it’s an emergency!!

For the EMERGENT physical, choose the 'general appearance' and the relevant system. If needed, add one or two relevant systems.

After you note the results of the EMERGENT physical, stabilize patient immediately:

Airway – Intubation?
Breathing – Oxygen mask? Chest tube?
Circulation – IV fluids? Dopamine?
Drugs – Naloxone? Dextrose? Thiamine?
IV Access?

Then ask:

Does the patient’s condition correlate to the setting?

Emergency or unstable patient in office needs to go to the ER immediately!! Change location if necessary.

After the patient is stable and in the right setting, proceed to ‘Interval/follow-up history’ and a more detailed RELEVANT physical exam.

If the patient is already a stable case in the right setting, proceed straight to the RELEVANT physical exam.

Then ask:

Is the case limited to one particular system? Like Asthma or MI?

Choose the particular system and a few related systems, based on the most likely diagnosis.

Is the case not limited to one particular system?

Choose a COMPLETE physical exam. This option is available on the top of the physical exam choices. Examples of such cases include Case for Annual Physical Exam, Child Abuse, Depression, Asymptomatic Hypertensive for Office Management, etc.

Note the significant findings on the physical exam and go back to your erasable paper and revise your Differential Diagnosis. Strike out those which are less likely and add those are more likely.

Then keeping the Differential Diagnosis in mind, consider the labs to be done.

When considering labs use this mnemonic:


I – Imaging –> X-Rays, CT, USG, MRI, Echo, Scopy, VQ Scan, etc.

B – Blood –> CBC, Basic Metabolic Panel, Lipid Profile, LFT, Smears, Cultures, etc.

U – Urine –> Urinalysis, Toxicology Screen, Ketones, etc.

O – Others –> Other tests which do not fall under IBU, like EKG, PEFR for Asthma, Pulse Oximetry, Biopsies, etc.

P – Pregnancy test –> For any female of reproductive age presenting with abdominal or pelvic symptoms, or trauma.

When ordering labs, consider:

Is this test time-effective/time-consuming? Choose time-effective.

Is this test initial screening/confirmatory? Choose initial screening.

Is this test cheap/expensive? Choose cheap.

Is this test non-invasive/invasive? Choose non-invasive.

Then ask:

Will this test tell me anything useful? Tests like CBC, ESR, Chem 7, etc might satisfy the above criteria but will not tell you anything useful.

Are there any specific tests for this condition? Examples are Cardiac Enzymes for MI, Sweat Chloride test for Cystic Fibrosis, etc.

Are the tests in the right order? Example – Pulse Oximetry before ABG, CT before Spinal Tap, etc.

Order the labs using the Order button.

Then advance clock to the ‘Next Available Result’.

Understand the results. Ask:

Is the diagnosis clear or do I need any confirmatory tests?

If diagnosis is clear, start treatment.

If confirmation is needed, order confirmatory tests and then start treatment.

Treatment :

Determine if the patient is in the right setting. If patient is in office and needs to be admitted, change location to ward. If patient is in ward and is in a serious condition, change location to ICU.

If case is admitted, order:

IV access (unless IV drugs are not indicated) – Type ‘IV Access’.

Vital Signs – Type Vitals and click on ‘Every 1,2, 4 or 6 hours’ depending on the condition of patient.

Activity – Type ‘Bed Rest’ and choose ‘Complete bed rest’ or ‘Bed rest with bathroom privileges’ or type restrain and choose ‘Restrain patient in bed’.

Diet – Normal, liquid, NPO, 2 gram Sodium, ADA, etc. Order ‘Diet’ and you will see the list of options, choose which is the best for this case.

Tubes – NG Tube? Foley’s catheter?

Fluids – Saline, Ringer, etc. Type ‘Fluids’ and choose which is the best for this case.

Urine output – Type ‘Urine Output’ and choose frequency. There is no option for Input/output chart.

Medications :

Stop! Check for allergies on erasable board!

Order standard drugs for this case.

Decide IV or Oral. Decide bolus or continuous. Decide frequency.

Labs :

Additional labs to confirm diagnosis?

Labs to monitor? Cardiac Monitor? Pulse Oximetry?

Consults :

Order consults if necessary. GI, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Genetics, Social worker, etc.

Then move clock!

Depending on severity of case, move by 30 minutes/1 hour/2 hours/3 hours/6 hours/12 hours/1 day/2 days/1 week.

Do Interval/follow-up history.

Understand the results of the labs.

Then ask:

Has the patient’s condition changed significantly?

If yes, change locations.

If the condition has improved, move the patient to the next location in the order ER --> ICU --> Ward --> Office/Home.

If the condition has worsened, move the patient to the next location in the order Home/Office --> Ward/ER or Ward/ER --> ICU.

If you are changing location from inpatient (ER/ICU/Ward) to outpatient (Office/Home):

Stop unnecessary medications and change IV medications to oral.
Discontinue IV fluids.
Remove tubes.
Remove IV access.
Schedule followup visit in 1 or 2 weeks as relevant.
Patient education or counseling or diet specific and vital to this case. Type ‘patient education’ and ‘counsel’ and see if anything is relevant to this specific case. Type ‘Diet’ and see if anything is relevant to this specific case.

By this time, the 5 minute screen will appear!

Then type ‘counsel’ and choose the relevant things. You can choose multiple things at a time. See your erasable board for any worrisome habits like alcohol or smoking!

Type ‘patient education’ and choose the relevant things. You can choose multiple things at a time.

Patient education / Counseling options :

Every adult person - Drive with seat belt, Exercise program, No illegal drug use.

Every person taking long-term medications - Medication compliance, Side effects of medication.

Every person who takes alcohol - Limit or stop alcohol intake.

Every person who smokes - Smoking cessation.

Every person of reproductive capacity - Safe sex techniques.

Every person with long-term conditions, life-threatening allergies, chronic illnesses - Medic Alert Bracelet.

Female requesting contraception or practicing unsafe sex - Birth control, Contraception, Safe sex techniques.

Cancer case - Cancer diagnosis.

Asthmatic - Asthma care, medication compliance.

Terminal case - Advance Directive (Family), Advance Directive (Patient) and Living will.

Every post-operative case - Deep breathing and coughing

Diabetic - Diabetic foot care, Home glucose monitoring, Diet.

Learning disorder kid - Educational remediation.

Osteoporosis - Estrogen replacement therapy.

HIV case - HIV support group, safe sex techniques.

Hypothyroidism or endocrine case - Hormone replacement therapy.

Lactose intolerance - Limit cow's milk intake, Diet.

GI bleeding, peptic ulcer case - No aspirin, Sit upright after meals.

Old age, epileptic, vision defects, narcolepsy - No driving.

Anxiety case - Relaxation techniques, Rebreathing into a paper bag.

Violent psychotic case - Restraining order.

Spousal Abuse - Safety plan.

IV drug use - No illegal drug use, SBE prophylaxis, Safe sex techniques, Stop alcohol, Smoking cessation.

Pelvic surgery - No intercourse.

STD - Safe sex techniques, Sexual partner needs treatment.

Depression - Suicide contract.

Routine screening : Schedule appropriate screening tests as per age. Type the relevant test and schedule.

Immunizations : For Pediatrics and Geriatrics as relevant. Type ‘Vaccine’, choose and schedule.

At the end of the 5 minutes:

Type the Final Diagnosis.

You are done!!!

For Kids: Add age appropriate vaxine.
Helmets when Bicycle riding.
water temp<120>
Dental health.
GUn safety.
smoke detector.
Teenage : DOnt drink while drive counsel.
For every one add age appropriate SCREEN.UV protection .Postexposure prophylaxis.
CANCER screen everyone gets it.

Females: think if she neeeds to be PAPed.
Chlamydia screen for a sexualy active with many.
Elderly geriatic *Mamograph if older.
*osteoporosis screen.
*pneumovax and flu vax for elderly.
*elderly fall prevention.
*Hormone replacement.

Screening :


Self-breast exam every month after age 20.
Clinical breast exam every year after 40.
Mammography every year after 50 in normal-risk females.
Mammography every year after 40 in high-risk females.

Pap smear - every year (for 3 years) after 18 years or earlier if sexually active. Then, every 3 years until 65.

FOBT every year after 50 + Sigmoidoscopy every 3 years after 50 years.
Colonoscopy every 10 years after 50 years.

Digital Rectal Exam every year after 40.
PSA every year after 50.

Vaccines :

Geriatrics :

Pneumococcal vaccine once for every person above 65. High-risk patients get earlier.
Influenza vaccine every year for every person above 65. High-risk patients get earlier.

Pediatrics :

DTaP - 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, between 15 and 18 months, between 4 and 6 years.
IPV - 2 months, 4 months, between 6 and 18 months, between 4 and 6 years.
Hepatitis B - Birth, 2 months, 4 months.
H. influenza B - 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 12 to 15 months.
Pneumococcus - 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 12 to 15 months.
Varicella - Between 12 and 15 months.
MMR - Between 12 and 18 months.

once again thanks to original writer.


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Interview preparation(residency &...)

This post is for the people who is preparing for Interview(either for residency or for some other post). Basically I am giving you the "website link" where you can browse all about the interview preparation. Moster.com is one of the best site which will guide you through the "simplest" to "most trickiest" and deceptive questions.

Part 2-- http://content.monster.com/articles/3479/16922/1/home.aspx
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How to find out community hospitals for residency

Hey friends..
I would like to assist you to find the community hospitals or University affiliated community hospitals.Although most of the people out there must be knowing the right way to find, it will be helpful to some.These are the hospitals where IMG gonna apply most of the time.


2.Search for residency programs.
Choose specialty( e.g-Internal medicine), Location
and then, click "search plus" (Not search)....and then look for "program best described" as .....2..or' 5...which means "community hospital" or community hospital ,university affiliated" respectively.

.....OR ...
3.After u choose specialty, location
click "optional criteria"...and then "community hospital,university affiliated" or "community hospitals"...for the respective types of hospitals.

I THINK...it will help you to find more IMG friendly hospitals.
..thats it ..for today.

Criteria for residency programs

I am posting names of Residency programs(Internal Medicine) with their "requirement criteria"...these are the programs that responded to my e-mail .u can have better idea about this programs criteria at this link http://del.icio.us/dockanth

Baptist Health System
minimum score of 82,We support J-1 visas
Internal Medicine Residency Program
U.S.M.L.E. scores should be:215 ~ 85 minimum with U.S. experience,220 ~ 90 minimum with NO U.S. experience:Have one year of recent internal medicine hospital experience, beyond a rotating internship. Some recent internal medicine hospital experience in t
Cambridge Health Alliance : Welcome
USMLE passing score of 75 or above At least one month of clinical experience in the United States (research is not acceptable);We ONLY sponsor J-1 visas; we do NOT sponsor H-1 visas.
The University of Mississippi Medical Center - Home Page
We do not have a minimum USMLE cutoff score requirement and do not require US clinical experience,sponsors J1 visas only
Residency Program - Department of Medicine - UMass Medical School
U.S. citizen or permanent residency, we only accept J-1 visa’s sponsored by the ECFMG & H-visa’s in transfer – we do not initiate H-visa’s). Recent U.S. clinical training in an ACGME approved program
School of Medicine Community Information
6 months clinical work experience within the United States, observership/externship do not count as clinical work experience; (4) a score of 200 or better only sponsors J1 visas
80,MA">Caritas Christi Health Care
* at least 80 (two-digit score) ,Recent US clinical experience is important but not mandatory. J1visas and green cards. We are offering a limited number of H1B visas
UCONN School of Medicine
J-1 visas, EAD, or green card only. No H1., Clinical experience can be United States or foreign., No observorships or externship
Residency Training Program Application Process
# USMLE Part I and II with the scores of 210 or higher on both. # Three months of clinical rotations in the United States are required. # We will only sponsor J-1 Visa.
St. Agnes Hospital | St. Agnes Residency Program | Application Requirements
# USMLE Part 1– Minimum score of 220. # USMLE Part 2– Minimum score of 215. # 6 months US Clinical experience preferred.
85">Welcome to St. Vincent Charity Residency Hospital Program
minimum score average of 210,We do honor H-1 and J-1 VISAS,We are 99% IMG,U.S. experience is preferred, but not required.
# Successful completion of Step 2 CS & CK # Completion of a minimum of 4 months of clinical experience in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia or South Africa. (Please note that observerships and research do not meet this requirement.)
85">Internal Medicine Residency Program
scores USMLE scores of 85 and above. We accept foreign medical graduates and sponsor J-1 visas. U.S. clinical experience is generally required.
80">Welcome to the RWMC Residency Program
# Scored 80 or higher on Step 1 and/or 2 on their first attempt # One year of US clinical experience
75,best ">Hospitals - Earl K. Long
We require a score of at least 75 on Step 1 and 2. We accept J-1 visas only or you must have a green card or be a permanent resident. Previous US clinical experience is not required.
95">Residency Program
Candidates with scores of 95 or greater on both USMLE I and II will be considered. Our Programs currently sponsor both J1 and H1B Visas.
Mount Carmel Health System - Columbus, Ohio Hospitals: Mount Carmel East Hospital, Mount Carmel West Hospital, & Mount Carmel St. Ann's Hospital
All IMGs must be permanent residents or United States citizens. We do not sponsor any type of visa.one year of United States direct patient care activity
80">Montgomery Internal Medicine Residency Program - Application & Interview Procedures
minimum score requirement for Step 1 is 80.,One year of U.S. clinical experience (not research) strengthens the application ,sponsor's H-1B VISAS
80">Medicine HouseStaff Positions
80 and above,U.S. Clinical experience is preferred (not excluding externship or observship),.does sponsor H1 and J1 visas.
Residency > Internal Medicine Residency
We accept J-1’s and have a limited number of H1-B, No U.S. clinical experience is required; however, it is desirable.,minimum score of 82 in both USMLE Steps I and II and preferred but not required.
Internal Medicine Residency Training Program Application Requirements
# Passing scores on USMLE. There is no minimum score requirement, J-1 sponsorship
Huron Hospital
Minimum score of 80 ,US experience not required but considered an asset.,Huron Hospital sponsors only J-1 and H-1 visas. Huron is exempt from the H-1 cap.,Publications considered an asset.
Internal Medicine Residency Program - LSUHSC Shreveport
score of 80 or above,have sufficient clinical experience in the United States,All residents must have United States citizenship, permanent resident status, employment authorization, or eligibility for a J-1 visa.
80">St. Mary's Hospital in Waterbury, CT
Step 1 and 2 80% or higher, US Clinical experience is PREFERRED but not required,we sponsor a “limited number” of H1 and J1 visas
80"> Residency Program MHRI, Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island
Although US/North American clinical experience is not mandatory, experience in the US/North American health care system & observership is helpful,We offer J-1 visas and will extend H1 visas,80 OR ABOVE
85">Norwalk Hospital - Home
scores of 85 or better,Though not absolutely required, we do check for U.S. experience,we do sponsor J-1 visas. In regard to H-1 visas, we do sponsor those on occasion
Guidelines for IMG - Department of Internal Medicine - College of Medicine & Public Health - The Ohio State University
A minimum of 2 months of US inpatient clinical experience prior to application (i.e. official inpatient externship) ,Two letters of recommendation from US physicians familiar with your clinical skills • A passing score of USMLE Steps 1 and 2 (in ge
Prince George's Hospital Center
We have only an Internal Medicine program at our hospital. We have nearly 100% IMGs,cores > 80 on both steps,Having passed the USMLE step 3 is preferred, We do sponsor H1b and J visas as we have an attorney who works closely with our residency pro
Griffin Hospital
Prefer scores of 85 or above, Prefer 1-year of U.S. clinical experience.,Griffin Hospital sponsors J-1 and H-1 visa.
Danbury Hospital
We accept J-1 Visas and will consider sponsoring H-1B Visas,scores above 82 on both Step 1 and Step 2.,For foreign medical graduates, we prefer some U.S. clinical experience.
Internal Medicine | Bridgeport Hospital Graduate Medical Education
must be >85 (first attempt),# 3 months of US experience or full residency in General Medicine # Publications in peer-reviewed journals # Advanced degree (MPH, PhD, MRCP) ,sponsor both J1 and H1 visas .
UCONN School of Medicine
USMLE parts 1& 2; passed on first attempt. These scores must be part of the application.,Only J-1 visas are available,United States, Canada or United Kingdom clinical experience is desirable, but not required for consideration.
How to Apply | St. Vincent's Medical Education
200 (82) or higher and 215 (87) or higher,Meaningful US clinical experience is desirable, but not required.,We sponsor H1B and J1 visas.
FREIDA Online search results - west coamst family med
FREIDA Online search results
The University of Chicago Internal Medicine Residency Program
Three months, of supervised US clinical experience is a mandatory requirement,# There are No minimal set scores for USMLE, H1 and J1 visa accepted/sponsored.

Internal Medicine Residency Program at Montefiore Medical Center of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine
sponsors J-1 and H-1 visas,We do not have a minimum score requirement,less than 10% of International Medical Graduates,some experience in a medical setting
BUffalo university
We accept J-1 visa sponsorship. Our program is not exempt from the H-1B cap,We prefer applicants who have had observerships in the U.S. or who have not have been away from clinical medicine for more than 3 years,scores of 85
Episcopal Health Services Inc.
No minimum score requirements,We sponsor H1 &J1 visas,No clinical experience needed,No cut off dates
St. Joseph's regional hospital
offer pre-match positions, hires foreign medical graduates, and we require J-1 visa. Required scores are 80 and greater,U.S. clinical experience not required.
Internal Medicine Residency Program at University of Florida Jacksonville
several foreign medical graduates,J1 Visa’s & H1B Visa,USMLE scores 1 & 2 are definitely one of the objective criteria used to evaluate applicants, but there isn't a magic number,clinical or research experience is Preferred but not required
Saint Peter's University Hospital
We sponsor H1 & J1 visa’s,3 Letters of Reference, Passing USMLE Exams 1 & 2 (CS & CK) – prefer 1st attempt, We do not require US experience
gofreeSMS network coverage
sms free
Rochester medical hospital
scores of at least 85 ,should have US residency, green card, EAD, or J-1; H-1b visas may be offered under certain circumstances ,some recent U.S. clinical experience is preferred, but not mandatory
Metropolitan Hospital Medicine Residency Program
scores of 80% or above,US experience is not required but recommended,We sponsor J1 visas, H1 are to be determined at the time of interview.
Staten Island University Hospital
no minimum score requirement or US clinical experience necessary,We sponsor H1 and J1 visas
New York Medical College (Brooklyn-Queens) Program at Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers
> 80 for either Step 1 or 2., Clinical experience in the US, although not required, is desirable,Applicants should have permanent residency status or US citizenship. We do not sponsor J-1 or H-1 visas,
University Hospital
82 or above ,sponsor for a J1 visa, potential sponsorship for H1b visas ,75% International Medical Graduates ,We strongly recommend that all applicants to our training program have clinical experience in the United States before joining us.
U.S. experience is not mandatory. Please note that we did not have a need to sponsor any visa candidate in the last several years.
New York Medical College - Department of Medicine,Westchester Medical Center
scores of 87 or above,J-1 and will consider H-1, US clinical experience is preferred, but not required.
Department of Internal Medicine at University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria
scores over 80 and US experience are given special consideration, J-1 and H-1B Visas
St. Barnabas Hospital
83 and above on step 1 and 2,we sponsor H1 visas
80 and above ,accept J-1 visa or employment authorizaton. [May sponsor H-1 visa ,U.S. clinical experience though not required is helpful ,
Winthrop-University Hospital, Cancer Care, Digestive Care, Family Care, Heart Care, Lung Care, Neurosciences, Specialty Centers, Long Island, New York
80 or above ,No clinical experience in the US necessary,Winthrop accepts J1 visa. We do not sponsor H1B visas
Lincoln Medical and Medical health center
both H1 and J1 visas,scores of average 85 ,Experience in the USA is not required
Unity Health System - Residency Program
We do accept International Medical Graduates We do not have a minimum score requirement We do not have a cut off for year of graduation We do not participate in the "couples We do not require US clinical experience match" We sponsor J1 and H1-B visas
Weill Cornell Department of Medicine
very few international medical graduates will be invited to interview. On average there have been zero-to-three international medical school graduates in the three years of the program. Most transfer into the program after successful completion of
FHMC Home Page
we do not sponsor any type of visa or honor any ECFMG sponsored visa, All applicants must have work authorization, permanent resident card, or United States citizenship, scores of 75 or higher, Some clinical experience in the United States is preferabl
Jacobi Medical Center- Department of Medicine
We sponsor J1 & H1 visas,80 & above ,graduated medical school within the last 10 years, apply via ERAS application only. NO U.S. clinical experience is necessary.
Baylor College of Medicine - Houston, Texas
There is not a score cut-off,We value U.S. experience, but it is not mandatory.,We sponsor J1 and H1 visas presently.
Medical Education and Residency Programs at Wilson Medical Center
scores of 80 and above ,Preference will be given to US Citizens and US Permanent Residents. However, we will, on occasion, sponsor J-1 or F-1 visas.
Maimonides Medical Center Brooklyn New York
We accept H1 & J1 Visas,do not have minimum score requirements,We do not require US clinical experience,We do not offer Prematches
North General Hospital::
We do have IMG,We do not offer any visa sponsorship,US clinical experience is appreciated but not required to apply to our program,scores of 78 or better
HHC - Coney Island Hospital
We no longer sponsor visas. We accept Permanent Residents, US citizens and applicants with a valid Employment ANo U.S. clinical experience or prior training is requireduthorization to work in the U.S. with a pending I-485 application. ,score of 85 and abo
Columbia University Medical Center
H-1 or J-1 visa eligibility. Letters of recommendation from faculty affiliated with Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, evaluations of direct clinical experiences in the United States or Canada and USMLE two-digit scores of 80 or great
Medical Education - Bassett Healthcare
83 or above score ,some clinical experience in the United States is preferable.,sponsor J1 visas only
Albany Medical Center: Home
scores 80 or above , J-1 visas only,Clinical training (such as an externship) in the United States or the United Kingdom for at least 6 months,
University at Buffalo
score of 86 on both parts ,U.S. clinical experience is preferable but not required,sponsor J1 visas only,
Regional Academic Health Center - An Extension of UTHSCSA
Applicants must be eligible to train on a J-1 visa or have permanent resident status (green card). ,does not have USMLE score minimums,U.S. clinical experience is mandatory,currently have IMG’s
Englewood Hospital and Medical Center - Home Page
We sponsor both H1 and J1 ,...?
Austin Medical Education Program
we did not provide or sponsor J1 or H1 visas,U.S. medical training, such as externships/observerships, is a plus , 80 is our cutoff
School of Graduate Medical Education - Seton Hall University
scores of 80 or above ,US clinical experience is not required,J1 is the ONLY Visa sponsored,
University of South Florida
Scores of 85 or above ,J-1 Visa, One year clinical (patient) experience in the United States,
MRH Internal Medicine
Test scores 85 and above, We do sponsor J1 visas, We do not sponsor H1B visa applications,US experience is not necessary, but is helpful.Yes we accept foreign medical grads,You must have at least 4 weeks of documented Psychiatry training
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
Both USMLE scores, 87 and above.,we sponsor, H1B’s and J1’s,US experience is useful but not essential.We do offer some pre-match to the best candidates.
university of texas
scores of 85 or higher,minimum of 6 months clinical experience..( Please note that this experience could have been obtained either in the U.S. , Canada or Great Britain ) ,offers J1 visas only. NO EXCEPTIONS.1/3 of our residents are IMG’s.
Internal Medicine Residency Program at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
We do not sponsor Visa's for residents.USMLE and/or COMLEX exams (Scores 75 - 80 Percentile) on the first attempt.No clinical experience is required.( these requirements are a starting point for our decision-making process for residency)
Saint Joseph Hospital
scores of 82 or better, Only applicants with a maximum of two attempts taking exams will be considered,sponsors H1 and J1 visas.approximately 85% foreign graduates. US clinical experience is not a requirement but it is desirable.
NJMS -- Departments -- Medicine
25 categorical and 8 preliminary internal medicine , international medical schools be recent graduates (<>
Welcome To Jersey Shore University Medical Center
We sponsor/accept both H1B & J1 visas,USMLE score of 85 and above, We do not require US clinical experience.
Department of Medicine - University of Florida
minimum USMLE score on Part I and Part II is 230.,J-1 visas only.,US Clinical experience is required! At least one year of post-graduate clinical training is the minimum.,We currently have IMGs in our training program
LibertyHealth - Home
We sponsor both J-1 and H-1b visas, We do not require having had clinical experience in the United States..score of 80 or greate
General Residency Program Information
not sponsoring H1 or J1 visas. 12categorical positions
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center :: Home : Permian Basin : SOM : Internal Medicine : Internal Medicine
scores above 85 are preferable, U.S. experience and U.S. citizenship/permanent resident status are preferable but not required. Texas Tech only sponsors J-1 visa ,US experience is not required but preferable
Residency Programs in the Department of Internal Medicine at Rush University Medical Center
Minimum score of 85,sponsors a J-1& H1-B visa.,clinical experience in the US or out of the country
Internal Medicine Residency: How to Apply for International Students
scored 90 or above,I urge graduates of international medical schools who are interested in our categorical program to also apply to the preliminary program,subinternship or externship in medicine .
Baylor Health Care System: Internal Medicine Residency Program at Baylor
Each year we match 9 categorical applicants and generally one is an IMG.,higher then 230 (93).,U.S./Non-U.S. citizen student/graduate of a foreign medical school..non-U.S. medical school graduates must:Possess a Green Card, or Possess a val
Home | Cooper University Hospital
>85 on both Steps I & II, At least six months of U.S. clinical experience is desired.We only sponsor J-1 visas.if you are a permanent resident, you must have a valid green card.
Lutheran General Hospital - Internal Medicine Residency Program
program does not sponsor visas ???
83 or higher, ( IMG ’s) are expected to have had at least one or two month’s United States hospital experience. AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center sponsors the J-1 visa for IMG ’s.,graduates of a medical school affiliated with AtlantiCare Regional
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
USMLE Step Two have a score of 200 or above,must have a J‑1 Visa (visa must be in place prior to coming if accepted into the program), or a permanent resident visa in the United States . We do not sponsor H-1 visas. US clinical experience is not
Welcome to CHS Pediatric Care
Deadline: January 15, 2007,# USMLE’s: no more than 1 failure # USMLE scores: no minimum # Applications from IMG’s: encouraged, Applicants must be US citizens or Permanent Resident (green card holder)
a Green Card or be a US citizen. 80th percentile .Clinical experience is not necessary but it is helpful
College of Medicine - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
U.S. clinical experience required (observerships fulfill requirement),Scores of 80 and above , sponsors J-1 and H1-b visas
Chicago Hospitals: Resurrection Health Care
USMLE scores of 85 or above ,Applicants with lower scores can be accepted if there are other special attributes,We do sponsor H-1 and J-1 visas,US clinical experience is not required



Welcome to my new blog.Basically its like "old wine in new bottle".It contains all of my blogs in "one" place, so that u don't have to toggle between blogs.Here u will find stuffs related to my opinions,collection of best sites and best medical sites and some information on "USMLE"

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