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100 open computer courses

Check out this site for free and open computer courses.Courses
are from MIT.

100 Incredible Open Courses for the Ultimate Tech Geek

online courses

While colleges can be a great place to build up your knowledge of technologies of all kinds, real world experience and free learning resources on the web can do a pretty good job of showing you the ropes as well. Here are 100 free resources to help you hone your techie skills and learn more about the ever-changing world of technology.

Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Security


The Web


Information Technology

Communication Technology

Technology in Education

Tech Math

Technology and Society

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Free Classic movies

Websites for legal and free classic movies.
Article from makeuseof.com, link-HERE
clipped from www.makeuseof.com

The 3 Best Sites To Watch Your Favorite Classic TV Movies For Free

Classic Cinema Online

watch classic movies

Archive Classic Movies

Internet Archive – Moving Images

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