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Nepal monarchy abolished; King Gyanendra out

Read the full story about the end of monarchy and beginning of "new republic Nepal".
at LAtimes.com
clipped from www.latimes.com

Nepal monarchy abolished; King Gyanendra out


Nepal became the world's newest republic when a freshly elected assembly voted Wednesday to abolish the Himalayan nation's 239-year-old Hindu monarchy.

King Gyanendra, the last of the Shah dynasty, is to become an ordinary citizen and was given 15 days to vacate the salmon-colored Narayanhiti Palace in Katmandu, where he has been holed up, virtually incommunicado.

Getting rid of the throne, and the deeply reviled man who sat on it, was the most cherished goal of the Maoist rebels who waged a bloody 10-year civil war in which more than 13,000 people were killed.

The Maoists have yet to form a government. About 20,000 of their fighters remain in United Nations-run camps.

Gyanendra declared absolute rule in 2005, saying it was necessary to suppress the Maoist insurgency. But after the restoration of democratic government, his face was removed from the currency, statues of him were taken down and he hardly appeared in public again.
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Daughters for sale

One of the innovative program related with modern day slavery...a piglet or a goat for a daughter....its really innovative and practical approach to deal with poverty.
Watch the documentary-Here
(taken from pbs.org/now)
clipped from www.pbs.org

Daughters for Sale

An innovative program in Nepal is helping to free young girls that live as modern day slaves.

Unable to make ends meet, many families in western Nepal have been forced to sell their daughters, some as young as six, to work far from home as bonded servants in private homes. With living conditions entirely at the discretion of their employers, these girls seldom attend school and are sometimes forced into prostitution.

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Free efax

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clipped from drop.io
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